With regret, we have had to take the Hastings Old Town Website down.

This project was started in 2003, with the aim of providing cost effective internet advertising for all businesses in the Old Town, whereby each could have their own web presence and display pictures, text, prices, menus etc and make changes whenever they wanted, subject to monitoring by ourselves to make sure any changes were legal and appropriate, and only made by the legitimate owner of the business. Originally it was hoped that the local authority would fund it to the extent of 3000 P.A. but  they decided it would be unfair to the rest of Hastings to favour only the Old Town.

Not wanting to give up the project, it was decided to offer different levels of service, from free basic details up to the full updateable page at 70 P.A, and hope that enough of the businesses would want to take the paid option to make the whole idea viable. This meant a lot more work in the mechanics of the site and its maintenance, and in going door to door to try to persuade people of the value of this kind of service, taking details and pictures etc. Although some responded well to the idea, most just wanted free advertising and a few were actually quite hostile. No doubt they had constant offers of advertising, and did not understand the difference in the service that was being offered.

So unfortunately not enough of the businesses supported the project, and although it continued to get a large number of hits and high ranking with all search engines, it has become very out of date, as the Old Town businesses were not updating their details, and it is with regret that we have decided to shut down the site. Apologies to those who have benefited from free advertising who will no longer receive it, and to any members of the public who may have been disappointed by out of date information.